100% Natural Body and Hair care products

Who We Are


Wura Naturals we help you achieve glowing skin and healthy hair in the most natural and affordable way.

We are a female-owned homegrown company that uses natural and herbal ingredients sourced from within the continent of Africa, to create great beauty products that you can use every day. 

Even though we come from a heritage of great DIY homemade  African beauty recipes, we have dedicated our time since 2014 to research and formulate natural beauty products that give you beautiful skin and hair.

Our focus is to ensure that everyone experiences the goodness of nature with every piece of our products and so we do not compromise on quality.

"Wura Naturals is an Afrocentric natural cosmetics and beauty company that caters to haircare and skincare using natural ingredients to formulate and create affordable beauty products"

Precious. A (Founder)

Skincare Products™

Skincare Products™

Regardless of your skin type and history, our wide range of natural products will help you achieve healthy glowing skin
Haircare Products

Haircare Products

Your hair is your confidence. Grow strong, healthy and beautiful hair with our collection of natural hair products


We offer consulting services that focus on helping you develop and maintain healthy skin and hair.

Our Mission

To become the natural brand of choice to everyone who wants to improve their natural beauty without breaking the bank.

We seek to achieve this through continuous investment in research and development geared towards creating quality skin and hair products for everyone.

What we do

We do Skin and Hair pretty good and affordably too.

Our products portfolio currently consists of body and hair oils, body and hair butters, mists, toners, and handmade soaps. We believe in the amazing gifts of nature and that’s why all our products have ingredients, sourced from nature.

Our Future

Our expansion plans include leveraging technology to drive our natural beauty campaign to the global stage.

Chain distribution of products, Spa locations, franchising, and many more.



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