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Your Skin and Your Glow

  1. Because there are dead ashy and or dull skin cells that (believe it or not) your sponge may not always remove completely. So you need extra help
  2. Because Exfoliation that occurs during a scrub helps reveal fresh new skin
  3. Because if you use a body scrub and massage it in properly, the massaging motion and pressure of the hands, aids blood flow and circulation to that body part and you will glow from within
  4. Because its a form of self-care, self-love, and self pamper
  5. Because softer fresher skin is guaranteed after each use
  6. Because this is part of the secret of all those celebs whose skin you admire, that’s right, glow the right way
  7. Because included in Glow Scrubs are active ingredients that help the skin to achieve particular results and you can apply them in target areas e.g knees, armpits, thighs, face neck, back, arms elbows, etc…
  8. Because when you show love to yourself (Skin) happiness is guaranteed!!!
  9. Because you deserve it
  10. Because, Why Not?

we could go on with more reasons, but one thing is clear here,  Scrubs helps us to slough off dead and dull skin, that hinders your shine! So it means if your scrub has the right consistency and ingredients, your glow game is guaranteed!

We are excited to introduce to you our Scrub Variants

  1. LEMON TURMERIC Glow scrub
  2. COFFEE VANILLA Glow Scrub

These scrubs are specifically created with the African skin in mind as ingredients that will help you achieve a Caramel Glow or a Brighter Glow are carefully selected and included in these formulations.

Need we say more, Keep watching our space for more Updates.

Thank you for believing in us, We believe in you too.


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